“The Institute for South-East European studies aims to study both the languages of the nations from the Carpathian and Balkan regions, as well as the languages of those from the immediate proximity of our northern and eastern borders; it aims to guide, help and organize scientific researches in the fields of history, geography, ethnography, archeology, folklore, art, and political economy”.

N. Iorga, V. Pârvan, Gh. Murgoci 

“The Regulation of the Institute for South-East European Studies, art. 1”, 1921



The Romanian Academy’s Institute for South-East European Studies, re-established in 1963 under the direction of Mihai Berza, is the rightful successor of the the Institute for South-East European Studies (founded by N. Iorga in 1913) and of the Institute for Balkan Studies and Researches (founded by Victor Papacostea in 1937), both abolished by the Communist regime in 1948.





The end of 2018 came with important accomplishments for the Institute for South-East European Studies. Two of our colleagues received some prestigious awards:

On Wednesday, December 26th, in Ankara, the Turkish Academy of Sciences awarded Prof. Viorel Panaite 2018 TÜBA Academy Prize in Social Sciences and Humanities in recognition for his studies in the Ottoman conception of international law, especially the law of war and peace and the Capitulations (ahdname).

On Friday, December 28th, the Ad Astra Romanian Researchers' Association announced that Dr. Ioana Feodorov was awarded the 2018 Ad Astra Award in Research Excellency in Social Sciences and Humanities.


With the release of Volume VI.2 of the "Romanian Traces Abroad. New Series", on December 12th, 2018, the Institute for South-East European Studies held a reunion in the Auditorium of the Romanian Academy's Library for the presentation of the seven volumes published between 2010-2018 in this Priority Program of the Romanian Academy.



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